The Calculator is a plain old four-function calculator. It's intended to mimic the operations (and flaws) of the commonly available hand-helds.

Brett moves around in the Activities menu and selects the Calculator activity; AUI plays a little fill sound while the new activity loads, changes to the numeral segment of the calculator menu, and says, "Enter a calculation", as soon as it's ready for input.

Jerry the director suggests adding 14 + 22 for the demo. Brett checks to be sure the camera's rolling and starts navigating the numerals.

He selects '1' (all the numerals and operators can be entered from the keyboard, as well, in the Calculator), and AUI says, "Current entry is one point zero zero".

Brett moves to '4' and selects; AUI says, "Current entry is fourteen point zero zero".

Now here's where Brett gets lost — he hasn't used the Calculator a lot. But after a bit, he finds the 'plus' menu cell. He selects it, and AUI starts the next step in the calculation: it makes a little adding machine sound to tell the user what's happening, starts a new entry in the display, and says, "Current entry is plus zero point zero zero".

Brett finds his way back to the numerals to enter 22. He selects '2' and AUI tells him that the computer knows about it. He selects '2' again, and AUI again gives feedback.

To get the answer, all he has to do is press and hold the left mouse button. AUI reads it all back to him: "The calculation so far is fourteen point zero zero plus twenty-two point zero zero; total is thirty-six point zero zero; and the current entry is plus twenty-two point zero zero."

At this point Brett could go on and enter more steps in the calculation; he could find 'Enter' to close out this calculation and start another; or he could clear the machine completely.

Or he could exit the Calculator and do something else...