Startup and Login

When AUI starts up, it sets up a few things internally, then plays its "thonk" sound effect, states the name of the current activity ("Logging in"), creates a menu containing the names of all the users it can work with, and asks, "What's your name?"

In the example here, Brett demonstrates how the login process works.

First, you 'see' him scrolling through the username menu: Ada ... Alan ... Brett — he double clicks to select "Brett". AUI switches the menu contents from user names to numerals and asks for a password. In Brett's case, AUI's looking for "1985", the year of his birth.

You hear AUI speak the contents of the menu cells (and the feedback sounds AUI generates when moving from one menu cell to another) as Brett moves around in the numerals and you hear the 'click-click' of the double click feedback as he selects '1'; AUI says, "The password so far is one." Brett scrolls to and clicks the '9', and AUI says, "The password so far is nineteen."

Notice that after he clicks the '8', he moves off the '8' cell in the menu before AUI can finish speaking the password entry, so AUI stops in mid sentence and says, "seven", the contents of the cell Brett's just moved to.

Brett goes on to the '5' and double clicks, and AUI again recites the data entered. Brett hears that it's been entered correctly, so he selects the menu's "Enter". Notice that he used the right button to get to that section of the password menu.

AUI responds with, "Hello Brett!", to verify that the login has succeeded, switches the Activity menu: a list of activities AUI is (or will be) capable of doing, and announces, "Select an activity."

Brett's just shown what it's like in a classroom environment, where there are a number of people using a machine. But as far as the user is concerned, the login process doesn't exist on a machine where there's only one user. AUI logs in that user automatically.

And if there are no AUI users at all, AUI starts up with the administrator logged in so some users can be created.

A lot of words for a simple process, but it illustrates AUI's menus and data entry, and the aural feedback on everything that happens.